Experience progress. We’re proud to announce the new Sweet Sweat® Eco Waist Trainer in collaboration with Yulex®, a pioneer in deforestation-free natural rubber. Made of ethically sourced rubber tapped from the Hevea Tree, it’s the first non-neoprene, natural rubber waist trainer on the market.

From Tree to You

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Made from deforestation-free rubber tapped from the hevea tree - a renewable source that can produce natural rubber for up to 30 years.

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Constructed with a wider waistband for more coverage and a soft interior lining for the ultimate comfort and fit.

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Increases your core temperature during exercise, helping you sweat and tone as you achieve your fitness goals.

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100% Natural Rubber
Made with Yulex®We partnered with Yulex, pioneers in the natural rubber space, to design a thoughtfully crafted waist trainer representing our ongoing commitment to improvement. Using responsible and deforestation-free farming processes, the Yulex® natural rubber in our Eco Waist Trainer is sustainably sourced from the Hevea Tree—a 100% renewable source that can produce rubber for up to 23 years.
The First Non-Neoprene, Natural Rubber Waist Trainer
100% Recyclable, Eco-Friendly Packaging
FSC and PEFC-Certified
Make Every Drop Count
More Coverage, Softer FeelOur new Sweet Sweat Eco Waist Trainer has a softer and more flexible inner lining that contours to the skin and allows for a broader range of exercise movement. It is also wider than our conventional Waist Trainers, giving you more coverage and an even better sweat. Suitable for those with a larger torso, seeking a more environmental choice, or simply just want to sweat more during exercise.
Wider Waistband, More Torso Coverage
“Smooth Skin” Inner Lining
Soft & Flexible Feel