Introducing the Sweet Sweat® Ab Wheel - the ultimate workout equipment for achieving a strong and toned core. This compact and durable Ab Wheel is designed to help you strengthen not only your abs but also your arms and back. With the included knee pad, it's perfect for taking on the go, making it easy to maintain your fitness routine wherever you go. Get ready to transform your body with the Sweet Sweat® Ab Wheel!
Person using Sweet Sweat® Ab Wheel outdoors.
Effectively work out your core at home, the gym, or the office!Our wheel is 3” thick, while other brands are half that size! This gives you superior stability, allowing unrestricted movement for a more intense workout.
Targets upper and lower abdominals
Stregthens arms & shoulders
Engages all core muscles
Man using Sweet Sweat® Ab Wheel to workout outdoors.
Built for PerformanceDesigned with a wide wheel and rubberized non-slip grips to maximize stability control and help you carve left, right and center. Includes knee pad and training guide to provide support and comfort.
FREE BONUS: When you buy our Ab Wheel, you also get a FREE foam knee pad to cushion your knees against hard floors at home or at the gym.
Handy workout guide to help you correctly perform a variety of targeted, core-shaping exercises.
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