Good things come to those who sweat! Sweet Sweat Hip Bands are designed with premium-grade materials to enhance a variety of hip, leg, and glute workouts for the athlete who wants to take their resistance training to the next level. Includes 3 levels of resistance and a mesh carry bag for when you're on the go. Whether you’re in the comfort of your own home, at your favorite local park, or at the gym— the Hip Bands are here to shake up your workout and take the “routine” out of your exercise.
Lift & Tone Your Booty & LegsIntensify all your leg and butt workouts with Sweet Sweat Hip Resistance Band. Use it to warm up, activate your glutes and add heavy duty resistance to your favorite lower body exercises such as squats, hip thrusts and more!
3 Levels of resistance
Durable & Versatile
Sweet Sweat® Hip Bands features and benefits infographic.
Non-Slip DesignWe wanted to create workout bands that NEVER ROLL or SLIP like other glute bands. Each band has an inner layer of non-slip grip so they will not roll during your workouts and are comfortable to wear.
Anti-slip inner layer
Includes free mesh carrying bag
Home or Gym WorkoutsHip bands are the perfect partner at home or in the gym for assisting with donkey kicks, lunges, squats, glute bridges and hip thrusts. Hip bands are also and ideal tool to warm up hips, gluts, hip flexors, and more prior to working out.
Portable and Durable
Suitable for both men & women & includes a mesh bag to carry & store your bands.
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