Sweet Sweat® Mini-Loop Bands are great for targeting your thighs, glutes, & shoulders. Constructed of high-quality 12" rubber latex with 5 levels of resistance, these versatile bands can be used for lunges, squats, hip thrusters, and balance training.
Woman using Sweet Sweat® Mini Loop resistance bands.
PERFECT WORKOUTThis resistance band set can be integrated seamlessly with popular workout programs, general exercise, stretching, strength training, or power weight programs.
These bands are the highest quality that I have found, ever. Not only are they thick and sturdy, they come with a mesh drawstring bag to hold them so they don't get forever lost in your gym bag. - Mackenzie
Just finished physical therapy for my knee. PT used bands to help strengthen my legs and hips. The bands are wide enough so they don't bunch up, and material seems to be good consistency. -Eva
Sweet Sweat® Mini Loop resistance bands estimated weight resistance infographic.
Home or Gym WorkoutsHip bands are an excellent companion for workouts at home or in the gym, providing assistance for donkey kicks, lunges, squats, glute bridges, and hip thrusts. Additionally, they are an optimal way to prep your hips, hip flexors, glutes, and other areas before exercising.
BUILT TOUGH: Five different levels of resistance bands constructed of high-quality rubber latex to stand up to the most intense workouts.
RECOVERY: While these resistance bands can be used for exercise, physical therapists love these "rehab bands" to help rehabilitate patients suffering from leg, knee, and back injuries.
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