Get more stomach coverage and a better sweat with the Sweet Sweat® Extra Coverage Waist Trimmer. Our XC trimmer is made with Neo-Sweat Technology® for superior heat insulation and is equipped with a textured inner lining to repel sweat and limit bunching during your workout. Includes mesh bag to store or wash your trimmer.
Woman in workout attire, wearing a Sweet Sweat® Xtra Coverage waist trimmer.
Find Your Fit:The XC Waist Trimmer is durable, lightweight, and flexible, allowing for a wide range of movements while providing therapeutic heat compression to the midsection and back. Find your perfect fit by measuring the widest area of your stomach instead of your pant size.
S (35" Length x 9" Width)
M (41" Length x 9" Width)
L (46" Length x 10" Width)
XL (51" Length x 10.5" Width)
XXL (60" Length x 11" Width)
Man wearing Sweet Sweat® Xtra Coverage waist trimmer stretching outside.
More Coverage, More Sweat:Wider than the original Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer, our Xtra Coverage Trimmer is here to maximize your workout and enhance your sweating experience. Made with extra-thick, CR Neoprene and reinforced trim lining for support and durability. Combine with our Sweet Sweat Workout Enhancing Gel for the best post-workout drip. Sweet Sweat is an Official Partner of UFC®.
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