Suggested Use
Sports Research® Cleaning Spray laying on top of a Sweet Sweat® Neon Series waist trimmer.
Freshen & CleanUse Sweet Sweat Cleaning Spray on your Waist Trimmer, Yoga Mat or Gym Equipment to remove odor and freshen up your post-workout experience. Formulated specifically to clean and deodorize Sweet Sweat brand Neoprene Trimmers.
Woman using Sports Reserach® Cleaning Spray on the inside of her Sweet Sweat® waist trimmer.
Nature-Inspired DeodorizerExperience the misty aroma of Lemongrass & Sage with each spray.
Woman spraying Sports Research® trimmer cleaning spray on her Sweet Sweat® waist trimmer.
How to UseJust shake and spray. After you’ve sprayed the entire Trimmer area, let it sit for five minutes— go take your shower, wash your face, or sit on the floor and give your legs some reprieve—then wipe it clean.
Bottle of Sports Research® Trimmer Spray sitting on a counter top.
So Fresh and So CleanWhenever you’re ready to conquer your next workout, you’ll be happy to smell lemongrass and sage instead of day-old (or week-old) sweat. Because— hey, you worked hard. You deserve something easy.
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