Slide into stronger abs! Sweet Sweat Core Sliders are the perfect way to get your ab workout in, no matter where you are. With a plastic side for soft surfaces and a foam side for hard surfaces, you won’t have any excuses left to not get those perfectly sculpted abs you’ve been dreaming about.

Stay Healthy

Whether you’re in the comfort of your own home, at your favorite local park, or at the gym— the Core Sliders are here to shake up your workout and take the “routine” out of your exercise.

Woman using Sweet Sweat® core sliders and Sweet Sweat® yoga mat to work out.
Fortify Your CoreWith a soft side for hard surfaces and a hard side for soft surfaces, these sliders are the perfect way to help you build core strength and improve stability.
Woman holding Sweet Sweat® core sliders.
Premium MaterialsWe work tirelessly to ensure that our core sliders are made with only the best materials and designed so that you can have a premium experience.
Sweet Sweat® core sliders benefits infographic.
Low & Steady Wins the RaceCore sliders are great for low-impact workouts which have been known to improve strength, lower blood pressure and stress, and reduce the chance of injury during exercise.
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