Did you know that 10 minutes of jumping rope is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging? With a light weight design and rotating ball bearings that allow for an even rope rotation, the Sweet Sweat Cable Jump Rope is perfect for longer sessions to improve coordination and stamina. So c’mon, stop jogging and start skipping.Jumping rope activates your core, increases agility, improves balance, and will give you the most concentrated leg exercise you can get in a single workout.
Sweet Sweat® Light Weight Cable Jump Rope features and benefits infographic.
Premium MaterialsWe work tirelessly to ensure that our jump ropes are made with only the best materials and designed so that you can have a premium experience.
Man jumping rope using Sweet Sweat® Light Weight Cable Jump rope outdoors.
One Size Fits AllWith an adjustable length, you can quickly make this jump rope shorter or longer depending on your height and focus on what's important: breaking a good sweat.
Woman holding Sweet Sweat® Light Weight Jump Rope, while hands are on her hips.
Jump Without the HassleDon't worry. We got you. Because we know there's nothing worse than trying to get your workout started and getting caught up (literally!) untangling your gear.
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