Introducing the next generation in Sweet Sweat recovery. Find muscle relief in the comfort of your home with the Sweet Sweat Therapy Gun. Made almost entirely of aluminum, the Therapy Gun offers an unrivaled sturdiness without any of the noise. Equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that offers up to 4 hours of use per charge, achieving your optimal fitness goals through massage therapy has never been more accessible.
Woman using Sweet Sweat® Deep Tissue Therapy Gun on her lower leg.
Maximize Every MuscleThe benefits of portable massage therapy are endless. Decrease soreness, increase recovery, relieve pain, and loosen tightness wherever you choose to relax and unwind.
Lightweight, Easy-to-use
Adjustable Intensity (4 Levels)
Quiet Brushless Motor (55-65 dB)
Long Life Battery up to 4 hours
Sweet Sweat® Deep Tissue Therapy Gun features infographic.
Every good workout deserves a Sweet Sweat Recovery!The Sweet Sweat Massage Gun is equipped with a powerful high-torque motor that can help activate, soothe, and loosen muscles both before and after a Sweet Sweat workout.
Increases range of motion
Helps relieve muscle stiffness
Promotes circulation
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