Turn up the heat during your workouts with the Pro Series Sweet Sweat® Waist Trimmer. It's durable and flexible, with dual straps for extra back support and a tighter cinch. Our trimmers are made with Neo-Sweat Technology® for superior heat insulation and fitted with a textured inner lining to repel sweat and limit bunching during your workout.
Woman stretching on a Sweet Sweat® yoga mat, while wearing a Sweet Sweat® Pro Series waist trimmer.
FIND YOUR FIT:Our Pro Series belt is naturally flexible to adjust to your size and shape and contoured to fit around your waist comfortably during exercise. Find your perfect fit by measuring the widest area of your stomach instead of your pant size.
XS - S (36" Length x 8" Width)
M - L (48" Length x 9.5" Width)
XL - XXL (60" Length x 10" Width)
Sweet Sweat® Pro Series waist trimmer features info graphic.
TRAIN LIKE A PRO:Elevate your cardio or weight-lifting routine and shed excess water weight with our Pro Series Waist Trimmer. It effectively increases your core temperature while exercising, encouraging you to sweat harder, and the dual adjustable straps provide better support for heavy lifting. Combine our Sweet Sweat 'Workout Enhancer' gel with our waist trimmer for maximum results.
Dual adjustable straps
Flexes for a custom fit
Reinforced trim & lining
Premium neoprene material
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