Meet your new morning ritual! Sports Research® Collagen Peptides is hydrolyzed so it combines into your favorite beverage and is more readily absorbed. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, but did you know our bodies produce less and less as we age? This results in everything from wrinkles to joint issues and so much more. Having enough collagen ensures optimal function of everything from hair, skin and nails to joint health. With 11 grams of Type I & III collagen peptides per scoop and 18 amino acids— Sports Research® Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides is the perfect workout recovery support so you can enjoy your Sport of Life longer and look your best doing it.*

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Informed ChoiceInformed Choice
IGEN™ Non-GMO TestedIGEN™ Non-GMO Tested
Certified NSF Gluten-FreeCertified NSF Gluten-Free
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More Collagen Per ScoopOur collagen peptide powder contains nothing but single ingredient collagen peptides sourced from bovine. Each scoop contains 11 grams of Type I and III collagen peptides, 18 amino acids including glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline, and 10 grams of protein in only 40 calories per serving.
Supports Healthy Joints*
Supports Workout Recovery*
Mixes Easily Into Your Everyday Routine
Radiant From The Inside OutSports Research® Collagen can help to improve the look and feel of your skin and nails by supplementing the body’s natural collagen production. So you can embrace your glowing, radiant self— from the inside out.*
Supports Glowing Skin*
Supports Healthy Nails*
Look More Radiant & Youthful*
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Certified High-Quality SupplementsAt Sports Research®, we are endlessly dedicated to bringing you the latest innovations in health and wellness paired with our mission of providing superior products. That means only sourcing the highest quality ingredients from around the world and closely partnering with trusted manufacturers to bring you truly exceptional products. To us, the only way we can help you be your best, is to give you the best.
Non-GMO Tested
Third Party Tested
cGMP Compliant
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